Low Temperature Sterilization Processing for Heat Sensitive Product.

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Founded in 1976 in response to the market's need for professional service in contract sterilization, Sterilization Services has opened three (3) 100% ETO facilities located in Memphis, TN, Atlanta, GA, and Richmond,VA. It is our common goal to " provide our customers with the contract services that will meet or exceed the standards they would set for themselves."

" Experience + Quality + Commitment = The Right Choice"

We're more than just a contract sterilizer: we're a Company with vast experience in all facets of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization since 1976.

With a reputation for dedication to service and quality that exceed any standard you would set for yourself !

Sterilization Services  5674 Eastport Blvd., Richmond, VA  23231 | Phone: 804-236-1652 | Fax: 804-236-2497